2020 CareChex Awards Released for Top Performing Healthcare Organizations

CareChex Awards by Quantros are based on our comprehensive quality scoring system, that compares inpatient quality performance across general, acute and non-federal U.S. hospitals.

Quantros prides itself in providing the most comprehensive and objective calculation of hospital and system quality performance in the industry. Our vast datasets represent high statistical significance and do not include any self-reported or survey data. In turn, creating clearer performance differentiation across 39 clinical categories of care in Medical Excellence and Patient Safety.

Top 100 Hospitals in the Nation
in Overall Hospital Care for Medical Excellence

The “Overall Hospital Care” clinical category consists of all inpatient medical conditions and surgical procedures, with the exception of Pancreas Transplants and Other Heart Assist System Transplants, treated/performed by full-service hospitals.

Top Hospitals in the Nation by State
in Overall Hospital Care for Medical Excellence

Top 5 Health Systems in the Nation
in Overall Hospital Care for Medical Excellence

Please note that hospital or system performance in a specific clinical category does not serve as a recommendation or endorsement by Quantros for any hospitals; it means the data associated with a particular hospital or system has met the foregoing qualifications. Individual patients should decide, in conjunction with their doctor, whether a particular hospital is suited for their unique needs.

Also note that if more than one hospital reported to CMS under a single provider ID, Quantros analyzed patient outcomes data for those hospitals as a single unit.

Why is CareChex® by Quantros superior to other quality rating methods?

CareChex Awards by Quantros utilizes a peer-reviewed risk-adjustment methodology to more reliably measure rates of mortality, complications and readmissions — appropriately weighting and accounting for all of the risk factors relating to a patient’s principal and secondary diagnosis, as well as other patient characteristics that may increase the probability for adverse clinical outcomes. These rankings do not include any self-reported data.

Did my hospital win any CareChex Awards?


Quantros’ Quality Suite provides a more detailed analysis of quality performance in dozens of major inpatient clinical and procedural categories. Specifically, the Outcomes Analytics modules allows subscribers to:

  • Track, measure and benchmark individual hospital facility and/or physician performance in each clinical category by MS-DRG, principal diagnosis and procedure, discharge status, and payer group
  • More efficiently identify and statistically validate adverse events
  • Establish quality improvement priorities and objectives
  • Assess compliance with pay-for-performance initiatives and value-based contracts