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6 Ways to Successfully Drive Employee Engagement

Bluebook has been a pioneer for healthcare transparency over the past decade. With that experience, we’ve found what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to engaging employees in their health benefits.

To help your employees make the most of their benefits, engage them in ways that will actually make an impact. Here are Bluebook’s 6 best practices to successfully drive employee engagement:


 1. Communicate frequently

Don’t assume that once-a-year-reminders are going to cut it. Between their daily work, upcoming deadlines and their personal lives, your employees are juggling a lot. Employees need frequent reminders of the benefits that are available to them so that they take advantage of each when needed. We find that direct communications, like emails or in-home mailers, are the most effective.


 2. Educate employees in fun and interactive ways

No one likes a lecture. Make it interesting by educating your employees in fun and creative ways that will get them involved and keep them entertained. At Bluebook, we’ve seen high success with interactive games, designed to educate employees on the value of our tool and show them how simple it is to use. Try making your Lunch and Learns more interactive or think outside the box for more interesting ways to enhance your trainings and make them more memorable.


 3. Have a strong launch strategy

Offering a new benefit? It’s essential to educate your employees on what it is and why it’s valuable to them, before and directly after launching. We have found that multichannel communications can strengthen your launch strategy to ensure a successful roll out.


 4. Encourage members to share their stories

People tend to trust what their family, friends, and co-workers have to say, which is why word of mouth is a powerful tool. If one colleague shares how great of an experience he or she had with a specific benefit, then others will likely follow in his or her lead. Encourage your employees to share their success stories to generate buzz and produce long-term value.


5. Incentivize

Whether you want to push attendance at your annual health fair or increase participation in a training session, incentives make a major impact. Use incentives to your advantage to further motivate your employees to take action and drive the results you want.


 6. Right place, right time reminders

Remember, communication is key to successfully engaging your employees. However, with so many benefits available, it’s important for them to receive reminders at times and in situations when it will be most beneficial. Look at different ways to reach employees that can serve as right place, right time reminders, so your employees never miss an opportunity to maximize their benefits.

Create an engagement strategy your employees can’t ignore and see the difference it can make today!


Interested in how Bluebook engages employees with their healthcare? Learn more about our solutions here.

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