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Bluebook CareConnect Member Experience: ‘Nothing short of amazing’

Since launching Bluebook CareConnectSM in June 2020, amazing stories have flooded in from members who have experienced extraordinary savings on medical services along with the ease of finding and scheduling high-quality affordable care through personal guidance from member concierges like Jami Carswell and Vince Carroll (provider operations specialist).

In July, Jami and Vince helped a sharing ministry participant in Oregon save nearly $20,000 on a hernia repair, and most recently assisted another Bluebook CareConnect member in the same location in need of nearly identical services.

Using referenced pricing from the previous case, Vince and Jami worked with the same combination of providers and services for the same surgical procedure to estimate costs and organize every detail of the patient’s care, from the initial consultation through follow-up.

Note the difference in price for identical services between the surgery center and a local hospital where the same physician performs the same procedure.

  • Surgery Center: $3,445 (vs. Nearby Hospital: $23,500)
  • Physician: $1,067
  • Anesthesia: $804
  • Total Costs: $5,316

In a member’s words

This experience has been nothing short of amazing. Jami and Vincent found an excellent surgeon and surgical facility for me and arranged for payment prior to the procedure. They also helped with finding a reasonably priced doctor and facility for the pre-op testing I needed. The staff at the outpatient surgical center, the surgeon, and the anesthesiologist were all outstanding. I have never before had such excellent medical care. I can't recommend Bluebook CareConnect highly enough. They took all the worry and work out of having to go through something like this.

Bluebook can do the same for your enrolled members
Bluebook serves a variety of clients including employers and their enrolled benefits members, health plan administrators, brokers and consultants, third-party administrators, and healthcare sharing ministries—organizations uniquely designed to help the uninsured pay for medical expenses by sharing costs with ministry members through a pooled fund.

The Bluebook member services and Bluebook CareConnect teams are focused on creating positive experiences each time a member reaches out for assistance. In fact, "that personal connection with our members is what makes us different," said director Cara Valentine in June's blog featuring Cara and the team's commitment to serve Bluebook members in uncommon ways. 

Personal guidance when it's needed most
Without guidance, finding high-quality affordable medical services can be difficult when prices for the same procedure can vary by as much as 1000% between in-network facilities in the same general location. 

Bluebook member advocates, member concierges and provider operations specialists guide members to high-value providers every day, saving them potentially thousands of dollars per case on shoppable procedures and diagnostic services.

More about Bluebook Member Services

Member advocates are available to assist all Bluebook members with general questions related to use of our green-yellow-red digital guide for desktop/mobile/tablet, including assistance locating local high-quality affordable providers.

Member concierges and provider operations specialists are available to assist all members whose benefits include Bluebook CareConnect.

Learn more about Bluebook CareConnect or Contact Us to try our free search tool and schedule a Bluebook demo.

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