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Were you overcharged for a medical procedure? Did you get a surprise bill? Or maybe you used Bluebook to find a Fair Price before your procedure.


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7 Reasons You Need Healthcare Bluebook

If you’re a benefits manager, you may be tempted to think the healthcare transparency tool offered by your insurance carrier is all your employees need to shop for healthcare. But, if you really want them to get quality healthcare at a Fair Price, you need these 7 things.

Today Show: How to cut your health care bills

"The problem with health care is people don't look at it as they look at shopping for a car, it hasn't been so transparent. That's changing

Your Network Discount Analysis Are Useless

"It doesn't matter what your discounts are when the discount is not based off of anything." - Scott Mayer



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Healthcare Bluebook protects patients by exposing the truth about health care cost and quality so they can make smart choices. 


How I saved $350 on an MRI by asking one question

 "Wait a minute …didn’t you tell me that I couldn’t use a different facility because I needed to have my yearly MRI on the same machine?’ 

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