Were you overcharged for a medical procedure? Did you get a surprise healthcare bill? Or, maybe you used Healthcare Bluebook to find a Fair Price provider and save.
Either way, we want to hear your story. It'll feel good to get it off of your chest and it may help others.
Tell us...
  • Who provided the service
  • What they charged
  • How much you overpaid or saved compared to the Bluebook Fair Price. Find the Fair Price for your procedure
  • What you could have done with the money you wasted, or plan to do with the money you saved
  • Use the hashtag #bluebookhof for positive stories (Hall-of-Fame) about using Healthcare Bluebook to save
  • Use the hashtag #bluebookwos for negative stories (Wall-of-shame) about high prices and surprise bills
  • Let the world know by clicking "post"


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