Healthcare Bluebook Becomes Quality-Cost Data Powerhouse

Acquisition of the quality division of Quantros, Inc. creates market’s best-in-class

Last week, Healthcare Bluebook (Bluebook) announced a huge win with the purchase of the quality division of Quantros, Inc., well-regarded as the “gold standard” in measuring quality within the healthcare industry, and longtime supplier of Bluebook’s quality data. Why is this such a significant development?

Bluebook clients depend on our data
The quality of our data has long distinguished us from other healthcare transparency solutions in the market, in large part due to Quantros’ quality metrics, which leverages independent data from the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to generate insights on the quality performance of hospitals and health systems across the country.

Bluebook plugs the data into our methodology, which is based on patient outcomes that are risk- and volume-adjusted for accuracy, to create a dynamic quality story that enables consumers to identify doctors and facilities that consistently deliver high-quality care. Our clients are employers, brokers, consultants, and third-party administrators who depend on the quality of our data to help lower healthcare benefits spend and improve the quality of healthcare for employees and enrolled members.

Acquiring Quantros’ quality is a substantial milestone for the Bluebook organization: The company now owns the largest database of healthcare cost and quality information in the United States covering millions of procedures across more than 10 million lives and billions of claims refreshed monthly.

Outpatient quality data creates exponential growth opportunities
To this point, Bluebook’s quality information pertained to inpatient medical procedure outcomes only. The Quantros’ quality component contains outpatient measurements that are validated against federal and commercial claims, adding another spoke to Bluebook’s quality wheel along with analytics experts who understand the significance of the data and how to extrapolate the most useful information.

The amalgam of Bluebook’s quality data and cost containment tools with Quantros’ provider data and analytics is a win-win for clients of both organizations who will benefit from the expanded product offering that now reaches far beyond Bluebook’s Fair Price estimate and core solution.

Bluebook CEO Scott Paddock: “We now get a much wider lens that we can show to employees who are shopping for care by opening up the lens to all outpatient facilities.”

Bluebook’s client employees and enrolled members are accustomed to seeing the Fair Price estimates and quality rankings for inpatient procedures in their area. Now they will be able to see which procedures are performed at outpatient clinics, along with cost estimates and quality information, and they’ll learn if their physician performs the procedure at outpatient facilities.

Given the sheer depth of Quantros’ Quality data sources, additional insights and intricate views of the quality performance of healthcare providers will be possible.

Timing is everything
The timing of the data acquisition is critical, according to Paddock, who explained that the healthcare industry is moving toward a value-driven market that offers financial incentives to providers based on the quality of care.

In a Nashville Business Journal article, Paddock discussed the significance of the bolstered dataset and its impact on the organization’s growth strategy.

“We’re getting a lot of market requests to bring quality and cost data together, specifically analytics capabilities. … Owning that data and owning that team to quickly pivot and build this product and take it to market this year, we felt it was critical to buy this business now.”

Bluebook has always owned its cost data and insights. Adding Quantros’ Quality means that the company now owns both cost and quality data and analytics, which extends Bluebook’s market reach to serve hospitals, health systems, and healthcare providers.

Lindsey Klein, General Manager, Provider Solutions at Quantros: “The combination of Quantros and Bluebook will provide unmatched insights to allow stakeholders on the giving and receiving end of care the ability to make data-driven decisions.”

The core of Bluebook’s core solution
The Bluebook team is excited to welcome the Quantros quality group, not only to celebrate the growth of the company, but also to recognize the achievement of three key strategic goals:

  1. Enhance the breadth, quality, and value of the data behind our core solutions
  2. Provide additional analytics capabilities that allow us to deliver powerful insights to a wider audience
  3. Expand our reach to serve hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers for the first time

Bringing Quantros Quality into the Bluebook fold is the natural evolution and perfect complement to an organization whose focus has always been on its clients. The path to meaningful service starts with each Bluebook team member and a culture that puts people first with the knowledge that our purpose impacts lives every day.

From the smallest task to the mightiest role, we each contribute to a common goal to provide confidence through guidance to high-value healthcare¾a goal that was made even more profound when the best of two companies joined together.


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