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How Much Does an MRI Cost?

If somebody told you that gasoline was 10 cents cheaper across the street, would you go?  What if it was a full dollar cheaper? What if you had a magical gasoline time machine that took you back when gas was only 25 cents per gallon? At some point, most of us would make a special effort to find the place with less expensive gas. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Shockingly, an MRI can cost a lot more depending on where you go - you might pay $400 at one location, and $4,000 across the street!  If you’re willing to drive across town to save a few dollars on gas, imagine paying over $3,000 too much for an MRI!  Heck, if you care at all about your personal finances then you should care about unnecessarily overpaying for an MRI.

Luckily, finding a reasonable price for an MRI is easy!  By calling a few local providers (Hint: Radiology Centers usually offer better rates than hospitals!) and asking them for their price after network discounts, you can find a great value.  If you’re like me and don’t want to wait on hold at the doctor’s office, Healthcare Bluebook has a lot of that information already available! All you need to do is check with your zip code, and we’ll show you the best options in your area.

When your doctor says you need an MRI, they’ll usually go ahead and schedule the appointment for you. Unfortunately, the doctor doesn’t always know how much that MRI will cost you and may be sending you to a facility that costs the equivalent of a $10 gallon of gasoline.  Fortunately, you have the option of having your MRI performed at the facility of your choice.  Ten minutes spent asking about prices could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

So, what’s a reasonable price to pay for an MRI?  The price varies by location, but in most metro areas we see options available below $800 and options that cost over $3,000.

Curious about the Fair Price of an MRI in your area? Check out the free version of our search tool here

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