4 Best Practices to Increase Employee Engagement & Lower Benefits Costs

A female employee talks to a male co-worker about employee benefits. You’re in human resources and have an active part in choosing—or recommending—new healthcare benefits for employees. Now that the average cost for employer-sponsored healthcare benefits is roughly $15,000 per employee per year (PEPY), identifying high-value benefits—those that offer deep value while mitigating increasing medical spend—is crucial to curbing costs.

Most likely, your company provides a comprehensive medical plan along with optical, dental and vision, long- and short-term disability options—all the usual suspects, plus a few creative boutique benefits like telemedicine and onsite wellness clinics to reduce doctor visits and hospital stays.

Organizations that focus on innovative products with digital components offer Healthcare Bluebook’s cost and quality transparency solution to help enrolled members identify and navigate to the highest quality care at a reasonable or Fair Price™. The more enrolled benefits members use Bluebook to shop for healthcare, the more everyone saves, and the greater the return on investment (ROI).

Of Bluebook’s 9,000+ clients, groups that implement our proven Engagement Best Practices can see as much as 10-20 percent monthly utilization with an ROI of up to 6:1.

This is how we do it

Just as Bluebook provides a simple green-yellow-red guide to help employees navigate to high-value care, our engagement best practices are based on simple principles that our Client Services team will tailor to your specific needs. We’ll provide everything you need to help you connect with employees, including working with your team to:

  1. Educate: Start with a strong launch strategy or reminder campaign if you’re already using Bluebook.
  2. Remind: Make learning fun—members are 11 times more likely to shop for care after playing one of our interactive games that teach employees how to use the tool.
  3. Reinforce: Communicate often and consistently; we suggest bi-monthly or at least quarterly communications for best results.

Employees love to be rewarded

If you really want to boost engagement, implement a fourth best practice. Bluebook’s Engagement Rewards program creates even greater savings by changing employees’ healthcare shopping habits through targeted financial incentives that reward smarter, quality-driven and cost-effective healthcare choices.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Bluebook client, Alex Lee, uses our Go Green to Get Green rewards program to incentivize employees to choose “green” providers.

The proof is in the data

You’ll always know how well you’re engaging with employees because Bluebook quantifies and delivers total plan savings by directly linking all rewards to members who shop for and receive care from high-value providers. Savings and ROI are driven by rewardable procedures that comprise up to 20% of total annual medical spend.

How can you learn more? If you’re ready to help your employees navigate to high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to lower your annual healthcare benefits costs, now is the time to get started. Connect with Bluebook now!

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