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Shortly before I started at Healthcare Bluebook, my four-year-old son, who was in good health and not overweight, was snoring a lot and appeared to be showing signs of sleep apnea. 

You keep hearing us talk about how much prices vary in healthcare but, is it REALLY that much of a difference?

Will Ledbetter, Senior Analyst on the Data Operations team at Healthcare Bluebook talks about the challenges of the U.S. healthcare system. Are you paying too much for healthcare?

After 8 months of ear infections, we were referred to a specialist to discuss the possibility of ear tubes for my one year old daughter.  We decided it was time for tubes!  As we were wrapping our consultation with the ENT, he suggested we work with the front desk to schedule an appointment “next door.”  Next door was a hospital. 

This is how our conversation went

I'm Bill Kampine, Bluebook co-founder and SVP. Every year I have an MRI. My doctor told me that it has to be on the same machine for comparison, but this year the machine was down for maintenance. When they changed my referral to a high-priced location, something didn't seem right.

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