Calling all HR, benefits and insurance professionals: Here is why your network discount analysis isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

"It doesn't matter what your discounts are when the discount is not based off of anything." - Scott Mayer

Most healthcare consumers don’t know what healthcare procedures cost—they just assume they’re going to be expensive.

The reality is that the local, in-network price for a common procedure, like an MRI, can vary by 5-10X, depending on where a patient chooses to receive care. The extreme price variation means healthcare can be expensive, but it can also be much more affordable, for those who know where to go. That’s where Healthcare Bluebook comes in.

We know that most hospitals perform most services, but they are not equally good at everything.  Bluebook offers consumers information about quality of care that allows them to see hospital outcomes for the specific service they need.

Healthcare Bluebook is working to make Nashville, TN the most transparent city in America for healthcare cost and quality information by making its price and quality comparison website and app available to Nashville and Middle Tennessee residents. Learn more.

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