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Partner Spotlight: American Health Group

American Health Group (AHG) has partnered with and utilized Healthcare Bluebook for several years to provide their members with healthcare savings information and drive them to low-cost providers for their medical needs.

Founded in 1984, AHG is a precertification and patient advocacy company based in Phoenix, Arizona which specializes in self-insured groups.

Bluebook recently interviewed Jeff Jennings, Director of Operations and Veronica Holley, Utilization Reviewer, of AHG on their experience with Healthcare Bluebook and our mutually beneficial partnership.


Q: How do you use Healthcare Bluebook to provide the services of AHG?

A: When a precertification call comes in, AHG logs into Bluebook and performs a search on the patient’s behalf. We intervene if members are using a red or yellow provider and recommend a green one. We use that time to educate members on Bluebook as well, so they can use it in the future.


Q: How much on average do you save clients per year?

A: We don’t have an average, but our two groups with the highest savings last year were at $98,000/year and $85,000/year.


Q: What are some procedures that members save the most on?

A: MRI’s and CT scans.


Q: What makes Bluebook so great?

A: Simplicity – everyone knows what the green/yellow/red iconography means. Green is good and red is bad. Additionally, a green facility implies less expensive not “cheaper”. This lets members know they’re not being sent to a lesser quality facility.


Q: What do you like about our relationship and what we are doing that works?

A: If there is ever a member-related issue you’re very cooperative and work quickly to get the patient the information they’re looking for.


Q: Anything you would tell other companies why they should work with Healthcare Bluebook?

A: Ease of use and communication skills – Bluebook is just a phone call away.


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