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Money Saving Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Going to the doctor can be a daunting event, which can be made even worse when you end up with an unexpectedly large bill.

Picture this … you’re at the doctor’s office due to some shoulder problems, and they refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for further testing to see if you need surgery. You trust your doctor is sending you to the best of the best that’s in your network and that you don’t really have a choice of where you go in the first place. 

Then you get the bill, it’s far more than you expected and you don’t know what to do about it. You’re upset your doctor sent you somewhere extremely expensive. Why couldn’t your doctor refer you to a Fair Priced facility? Well chances are, they could have, and they just didn’t know it.

Many people encounter a situation like this, in fact, patients are referred to doctors every day not knowing that they are able to discuss options of where they can go. Doctor referral patterns cause 90% of the excess cost of healthcare. 90%! Why you ask? Well, it’s because doctors honestly don’t know that the facility they’re sending you to could be 5 to 10 times more expensive than another facility. Because of this, it’s your job to talk to your doctor about your options when being referred to another facility.

Don’t know where to start? That’s okay!

Here are 3 steps to ensure you ask your doctor the right questions so you don’t end up overpaying.

  • Add the Healthcare Bluebook app to your smartphone.
  • Ask these 4 questions if your doctor recommends a specialist, test or procedure.
    • What are the risks?
    • Do I really need this test or procedure
    • Are there simpler, safer options?
    • What happens if I don't do anything? 


  • If you and your doctor decide that this procedure is necessary, search on your Bluebook app and discuss the results with your doctor. Searches can be done by procedure, test or specialist.
    • Are one of the lower-cost options a place you normally refer patients to? 
    • Would you consider referring me to one of the lower-cost options? 


Take control of your healthcare and save today!

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