Savings in healthcare starts with the most expensive piece of medical equipment in healthcare, a physician's pen.

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Healthcare Bluebook protects patients by exposing the truth about healthcare cost and quality so they can make smart choices.  If you're a physician, watch the video to discover how your referral patterns impact your patient's total cost-of-care and how that affects your Patient Savings Rating.  Then, you can claim and complete your Bluebook profile and take the pledge to become a Value Certified Provider.  Together we'll help patients get quality care at a Fair Price.

The Today Show's financial editor, Jean Chatzky, discusses options that people have to help cut the high costs of health care bills and prescription costs. 

American healthcare is expensive, and many don't understand why. truTv's Adam Ruins Everything makes it easy to see why healthcare is so expensive. 

Many people go in for routine care not thinking about the bill. But many times, they are overpaying.


The inability to know what a healthcare service or procedure should cost before you receive it

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