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Completing the Full Transparency Picture

By Megan Cannon August 19, 2019

As detailed in our recent blog post, understanding healthcare quality is just as important as..

An Executive Order and Proposed Legislation Target Healthcare Price Transparency

By Lynn Yates July 1, 2019

As policy experts work to identify key drivers of growing healthcare costs, the entire..

A Tale of Two CT Scanners - One Richer, One Poorer

By NPR News December 4, 2018

This article originally appeared on NPR and Kaiser Health News.

Benjamin Hynden, a financial..

Will's Bluebook Freestyle

By Will Ledbetter August 23, 2018

Will Ledbetter, Senior Analyst on the Data Operations team at Healthcare Bluebook talks about..

Why Healthcare Cost and Quality Data Matters

By Jeffrey Rice, M.D. August 8, 2018

In response to Dr. Rick Abramson’s comments published on April 25, 2017 ­– “In health care,..

7 Reasons to Implement a Healthcare Transparency Solution

By Felicia Rowley August 3, 2018

Most healthcare consumers don’t know what healthcare procedures cost—they just assume they’re..

The Purpose of Health Insurance

By Erik Nicholson July 30, 2018

The Basic Problem with Health Insurance

If you buy a bigger house or a more expensive car then..

Why You Should Shop for Healthcare

By Jamie Germain July 26, 2018

When you had a stressful day at work, your gut reaction may be to seek comfort in a glass of..