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Lynn Yates

4 Best Practices to Increase Employee Engagement & Lower Benefits Costs

By Lynn Yates March 2, 2020

You’re in human resources and have an active part in choosing—or recommending—new healthcare..

The Cost of a Mammogram vs. the Price of Inaction

By Lynn Yates October 8, 2019

I have four friends who are breast cancer survivors; a fifth who was recently diagnosed and is..

Shannon Saved $1,500 with Healthcare Bluebook's Transparency Solution

By Lynn Yates September 3, 2019

Both of Shannon’s daughters are dancers. When one of them needed an MRI last year, Shannon..

Why a Top 100 Employer Says Healthcare Transparency is a Win-Win

By Lynn Yates August 15, 2019

Healthcare price and quality transparency continues to make headlines following an executive..

An Executive Order and Proposed Legislation Target Healthcare Price Transparency

By Lynn Yates July 1, 2019

As policy experts work to identify key drivers of growing healthcare costs, the entire..